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Visitor Testimonials

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Here are some recent comments from visitors to the gardens:

"it has given us a lot of ideas for improving our pond"

30 September 2016


29 September 2016

"It was a lovely place and beautiful walk. The cafe was excellent"

27 September 2016

"A delightful surprise around every corner the vision and hard work has worked out very well"

21 September 2016

"Keep it exactly as it is! My wife Hazel and I certainly appreciated the tranquility"

19 September 2016

"Lovely gardens and even though part was closed for tree felling it didn't diminish our visit. Disabled access brilliant too"

16 September 2016

"A lovely garden to visit, its all beautiful and well kept, thank you for a second lovely trip."

16 September 2016


15 September 2016

"Unique and tranquil surrounding - really enjoyed our visit"

14 September 2016

"This place is so beautiful I love it"

13 September 2016

"Beautiful, peaceful gardens will definitely be back again."

12 September 2016

"absolutely great"

6 September 2016

"it would have been a great help to have the trees named"

30 August 2016

"very enjoyable time spent here. Congratulations"

29 August 2016

"Lovely gardens, loe it come back again when sunny"

28 August 2016

"Love the seats to just sit and absorb the lovely views"

24 August 2016

"Lovely sunny day waterlilies fabulous"

24 August 2016

"Always a pleasure to come here, beautiful, relaxing garden. Could maybe renew some of the benches and add some more fountains. Enjoyed a delicious lunch!"

21 August 2016

"Fantastic gardens, good food"

21 August 2016

"A really wonderful day out!"

21 August 2016

"Love coming here. Always beautiful and relaxing"

19 August 2016

"Really enjoyed your gardens will come again. Thank you."

17 August 2016

"Loved the gardens and found the museum really interesting. Many thanks :)"

12 August 2016

"a most tranquil experience prior to a funeral at Weymouth Crematorium"

12 August 2016

"loved Monet's bridge and surroundings"

12 August 2016

"Very good value for money"

10 August 2016

"We didn't know what to expect - it is lovely"

10 August 2016

"Absolutely beautiful and peaceful"

10 August 2016

"Do you know you have a 'new' species of Damselfly to UK here? - Small Red-eyed Damselfly, a recent coloniser from the continent"

9 August 2016

"Info in museum - good. Recommend visitors be directed here first and may then be even more appreciative of the beautiful gardens."

9 August 2016

"What improvements would you make to such a lovely place it was great"

8 August 2016

"A truly lovely garden - thanks."

7 August 2016

"Hidden gem, never expected such a lovely place so close to the road and industrial estate"

5 August 2016

"Wonderfully kept gardens. Really impressed with all aspects of the visit. We'll be back."

4 August 2016


3 August 2016

"Beautiful as usual, lots to see. Weather good - sunny. We arrived by public transport"

3 August 2016

"Not the best weather but still an enjoyable walk"

2 August 2016

"Well laid out and interesting vistas"

31 July 2016

"What a wonderful display of water-lilies. Enjoyed our visit very much."

27 July 2016

"Very well kept excellent"

26 July 2016

"Beautiful, will be back"

21 July 2016

"Breathtaking absolutely fabulous - some smaller ponds with no plants looked sad?? maybe good reason, but very beautiful gardens/ponds"

21 July 2016

"Spotted Kingfisher few years ago - can you get some more please! Only joking. Beautiful place, really love it"

20 July 2016

"Magnificent flowering, presumably after a burst of heat. Very calm and soothing place"

20 July 2016

"Lovely gardens a good place to bring our visitors to"

17 July 2016

"A perfect afternoon - friendly and knowledgeable staff and a beautiful balance of natural plants and imported varieties"

13 July 2016

"A perfect balance of nature and manicure"

13 July 2016

"Incredible colours and different varieties of lily. The whole gardens were wonderfully maintained, and a peaceful haven"

10 July 2016

"We just love the peace and tranquility of the water gardens for an hour or two, then lunch in the Cafe Monet. The gardens are a pure labour of love"

8 July 2016

"A really lovely afternoon was spent here. Enjoyed lunch and the lakes were breath-taking. No improvement necessary"

6 July 2016

"Brilliant! Outstanding displays of water lilies! Suggest label on ground hibernation homes; scale of maps; separate dragonfly recognition sheet"

6 July 2016

"Very nice walk: relaxing. We're deaf. Will come here again!!"

6 July 2016

"A lovely day out spent tin the sun"

6 July 2016

"Beautiful! Never seen so many water lilies"

5 July 2016

"Very tranquil and relaxing would visit again and recommend"

3 July 2016

"Lovely day out - very tranquil, and good to know the history of the place"

1 July 2016

"Lovely relaxing day - very enjoyable."

23 June 2016

"A delight"

22 June 2016

"Could not fault anything"

21 June 2016

"Much bigger than expected calming effect, couldn't improve (wonderful)"

20 June 2016

"Very enjoyable visit. Perhaps more information signs around the gardens to explain about various plants."

20 June 2016


19 June 2016

"Wonderful for photographers"

16 June 2016

"None its very nice and relaxing given me ideas for my fish pond"

12 June 2016


9 June 2016

"Beautiful, very much enjoyed our time here"

8 June 2016

"You seem to have it all sorted. I really enjoyed the visit, and will spread the word!"

8 June 2016

"On my last visit here I think the Water Garden is still or more beautiful. Visit here in June I would love to come back again in the different seasons. Thank you for a fab visit credit to all the staff"

7 June 2016

"Really enjoyable walk very relaxing will come again"

6 June 2016

"Beautiful tranquil spot the lilies are just wonderful. WHAT a transformation!"

1 June 2016

"Lovely relaxing time walking around the beautifully kept gardens"

30 May 2016

"Lovely gardens! Possibility of us choosing this as our wedding venue. We love it"

30 May 2016

"A wonderful peaceful place, thank you"

29 May 2016

"Gardens beautiful and paths easy to use"

29 May 2016

"So tranquil, a lovely abundance of seats to sit and soak up the atmosphere and admire the beauty around us!"

29 May 2016

"Such a pleasant day so tranquil, we loved our visit :) Lunch was great!"

17 May 2016

"more fish"

17 May 2016

"Very relaxing indeed; not crowded and was lingering to hopefully see kingfisher - but saw huge heron etc. A beautiful naturalised place. Thank you."

17 May 2016

"Can't see how you could improve anything. Paths were a little soggy but gravel paths would spoil area"

15 May 2016

"Lovely, peaceful and relaxing, well done!"

11 May 2016

"Beautiful venue"

8 May 2016

"Just sorry I wasn't here when the lilies are blooming. I can imagine the beauty. Enjoyed the wild flowers and the heron"

6 May 2016

"Pleasant place to bring visitors as unique"

6 May 2016

"Could not think of much to improve this tranquil site. Maybe weather as we had today lovely spring sunshine"

5 May 2016

"Very restful"

4 May 2016

"We really enjoyed the pond dipping"

1 May 2016

"Beautiful and inspirational even on a cold wet day"

22 April 2016

"It was pouring with rain during our visit but we still had a fabulous time. We'll be back again!"

22 April 2016

"This is our second visit so we must think it good!"

20 April 2016

"Excellent, very beautifully landscaped. Will return in summer - can't wait"

6 April 2016

"Absolutely fabulous water gardens. Cafe was lovely as was the food. Over the moon I was able to buy a fantastic Monet painting"

4 April 2016

"Very enjoyable visit. Will come again when lilies in bloom"

27 March 2016

"Very beautiful, peaceful setting"

30 June 2015

"Brilliant place! You have put so much hard work into it and created a magical stunning place to visit. We will come each time we visit Dorset."

25 June 2015

"Lovely lunch. First visit and as a keen photographer I was eager to see the lilies - beautiful and very peaceful gardens. We are local, so will definitely be visiting again"

19 June 2015

"Delightful experience. So peaceful. Shall recommend you to gardening clubs"

16 June 2015

"Stunning. Labelling excellent"

15 June 2015

"Beautiful gardens well worth a visit"

14 June 2015

"A wonderful peaceful place to be. Water lilies beautiful"

14 June 2015

"Stunning! Spur of the moment visit on way back from crematorium on a lovely sunny day. Unprepared - no camera - but the beauty of the ponds will be with us forever."

11 June 2015

"Very interesting and unique gardens"

9 June 2015

"A lovely garden. 'Monet's' bridge surpasses that at Giverny, for tranquility and wonderful water lilies in the pond."

7 June 2015

"Lovely, tranquil and wonderful wildlife"

7 June 2015

"Beautiful and very interesting"

7 June 2015

"Can only imagine the hard work and drainage management that has gone into such a beautiful place to visit. Thank you!"

5 June 2015

"The gardens are beautiful as they are"

4 June 2015

"We have visited many English gardens over the years but the water gardens are unique. 10 out of 10"

31 May 2015

"Beautiful gardens"

27 May 2015

"The music in the Tea Room was as relaxing as the gardens. Thanks you so much"

3 May 2015

"A really inspirational venture!"

26 April 2015

"Very peaceful a really lovely place"

23 April 2015

"Beautiful and relaxing, very natural and well designed"

21 April 2015


13 April 2015

"What a beautiful haven! So I glad I visited this special precious place - thank you so much"

12 April 2015

"A lovely peaceful place friendly lady in cafe and at ticket desk"

23 September 2014

"Very tranquil and beautiful food in cafe - excellent."

5 September 2014

"A delightful morning. Many thanks."

20 August 2014

"An excellent venue to visit"

20 August 2014

"We arrived early and had a lovely visit around the gardens we managed to beat the rain and had a very nice meal in the cafe. Off to the shop before we leave"

19 August 2014

"Your's are better by far than Monet"

19 August 2014

"Wonderfully tranquil place... would definitely recommend to family and friends."

15 August 2014

"Visited many times over the years, always a great pleasure, a haven of peace. The soothing background music in Monet Cafe is pleasant but too repetitive!"

13 August 2014

"Plant labels for plants other than lilies would be helpful"

13 August 2014

"Very good ground for wheelchair and wheelchair access."

11 August 2014

"Most enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work and ideas."

8 August 2014

"Beautiful place to wander with lots of seating to sit and admire "

7 August 2014

"What a delightful place! And ideal place for a wedding, so romantic. The garden and ponds are both beautiful and unusual. A little piece of paradise."

5 August 2014

"Beautiful peaceful gardens. Kind and friendly staff. Excellent food and service, and the sun shone!"

4 August 2014

"Lilies were beautiful. Enjoyed our visit very much."

3 August 2014

"Beautiful gardens!"

2 August 2014

"This is my second visit - enhanced by James talk to the group about variety of water lilies and maintenance of ponds"

30 July 2014

"Very serene, the wildlife was gorgeous, the heron and dragonflies were lovely to see."

27 July 2014

"Stunningly beautiful and overwhelmed by the work that has gone into creating this wonderful garden."

20 July 2014

"Beautiful place to visit, very peaceful, lots of seating - excellent! Great cafe and lovely staff. Dorset Apple Cake fabulous!"

17 July 2014

"Absolutely lovely fantastic gardens and enjoyed meeting the chick! (Duckling)"

11 July 2014

"Excellent - a wonderful and relaxing place. "

10 July 2014

"Thank you for providing many seats for an old lady (me) to sit while husband makes most of camera. Beautiful place."

3 July 2014

"A lovely tranquil place to visit - we chose the best time! Love the museum too."

2 July 2014

"Excellent and tranquil thank you"

30 June 2014

"We had a lovely afternoon, the water lilies were beautiful and the dragonflies were having a whale of a time. Cafe Monet DELICIOUS!!!"

25 June 2014

"A visit as part of a coach tour - fab venue. No need to go to France to see Monet's Garden!"

24 June 2014

"Lovely place, beautifully looked after and arranged. Worth every penny! Photos galore! And WHAT and amazing day."

22 June 2014

"Thank you - a great 2 hour stroll"

22 June 2014

"Beautiful gardens with great vistas!"

15 June 2014

"Very impressed with how gardens have improved and progressed since our last visit"

10 June 2014

"A lovely relaxing visit"

9 June 2014

"Very nice, everyone really enjoyed the day"

29 May 2014

"Especially liked the history of garden display in museum"

29 May 2014

"Beautiful planting of specimen trees - I'd like to come here to draw and paint"

12 May 2014

"A lovely relaxing atmosphere and everything very well maintained."

29 April 2014

"Gardens lovely at any time of year. Will definitely come again."

28 April 2014

"A delightful afternoon. Thank you."

12 September 2012

"Very nice range of plants and pleasant to walk around"

12 September 2012

"A very enjoyable visit - it's so peaceful in the garden."

7 September 2012

"Very pleasant staff"

4 September 2012

"Don't tell too many people about the gardens - they are very tranquil and special"

2 September 2012

"Very pleasant staff"

31 August 2012

"Brown signs missing for the few miles travelling from Dorchester"

26 August 2012

"Brilliant. Why go back to Giverny?!"

19 August 2012

"Peace and Tranquility - Beautiful Gardens!"

16 August 2012


14 August 2012

"Didn't find the plant nursery. Staff very friendly. A really enjoyable visit"

14 August 2012

"A delightful place to wonder through and contemplate. We have been coming about 10 years."

14 August 2012

"Peaceful, tranquil and far away from the madding crowd."

10 August 2012

"Delightful, beautiful and peaceful haven - amazing use of the site. ? Children's I'Spy Books. OLYMPIC VISIT"

9 August 2012

"We thoroughly enjoyed our visit today! It is so peaceful here, that it is hard to believe that we were so close to busy Weymouth Town."

6 August 2012

"A lovely afternoon out"

3 August 2012

"Really enjoyed it, especially the kids trail - maybe a bit pricey, but I can imagine expensive to upkeep"

3 August 2012

"A lovely afternoon, and a superb cream tea."

3 August 2012

"It was wonderful - ideal for Dad with walking difficulties."

30 July 2012

"A tranquil unspoilt attraction. We're tempted to get married again to use the gazebo"

25 July 2012

"Excellent with everyone so friendly"

25 July 2012

"Beautiful place to visit - very peaceful and relaxing. Lots of seats for having a rest and to look at the lilies"

24 July 2012

"Your signs and map of gardens - very helpful very peaceful here. Lovely lilies. Museum a good idea"

23 July 2012

"Beautiful water gardens, so quiet and peaceful. We've really enjoyed our relaxed visit here today"

22 July 2012

"Will definitely come again"

17 July 2012

"Gardens are unique, peaceful and beautiful"

17 July 2012

"apart from the rain it was a very enjoyable visit which I organised for 14 people - an Inner Wheel annual day out"

12 July 2012

"Compares amazingly well with Giverny"

26 June 2012

"A lovely place to visit a couple of more seats around the big pond might be good"

25 June 2012

"Very impressed that areas have been left alone e.g. wood piles etc to encourage wildlife"

25 June 2012

"Very impressed. Lovely restaurant and beautiful relaxing gardens."

25 June 2012

"Very good"

21 June 2012

"Paradise in June, in sun"

19 June 2012

"Cafe bright and clean, friendly service, good food (pity you don't serve soups) what a shame its over 1000miles from our home"

18 June 2012

"After entering the gardens were flooded. We should have been informed on arrival or maybe given a reduced entry fee as we were unable to see all the garden"

8 June 2012

"Had a lovely day"

30 May 2012

"We wanted to visit before our son's wedding at the Water Gardens. Very impressed by the care and layout - and of course lovely tranquility. Looking forward to the wedding itself!"

27 May 2012

"Very relaxing"

24 May 2012

"Such a beautiful peaceful garden and blessed with sunshine perfect."

23 May 2012

"A very peaceful and lovely place for a sunny afternoon. We enjoyed our visit here very much."

6 April 2012

"My whole family loved doing the Easter Egg Hunt and I took a lot of pictures. Fantastic."

6 April 2012